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Thoughts on Paris

Tonight, Paris was the scene of horrific acts of violence. And though I’m not a religious man, I know evil when I see it.


A Note on the Door

So, I came home to find a note on the door.  Hardly ever a good sign. Except, I guess, for when it is.  In this case, it turns out that Robyn and I have...

On Humble Beginnings 0

On Humble Beginnings

“When I read through the result, though, I was far from impressed. It seemed to fulfil the formal requirements of a novel, but it was somewhat boring, and the book as a whole left me cold. If that’s the way the author feels, I thought, a reader’s reaction will probably be even more negative. Looks like I just don’t have what it takes, I thought dejectedly …”


How to Check Your Amazon Promotional Credits

If you have Prime, and you’re not often in a hurry, you may sometimes wonder how much of their “no-rush” ebook/MP3/video credit you have saved up. That said, finding it is neither straightforward nor intuitive.


Netflix quirk: The “crime movies” category

Movies included by Netflix in the category “crime movies”: Kill Bill, The Professional, RoboCop, Hansel & Gretel, Three Kings, and Machete Kills.

Yeah, there’s technically crime in those movies. A lot of it even, but it still seems to me like they were casting the net a little wide….


Hello, World.

After a long time lost in the tall grass, I’ve finally found my bearings, gotten my feet back under me. This is going to be a great (second half of) a year.